Product News 產品新聞與諮詢



  • Content management made fast and easy – little features, that make a big difference
    • Add notes to your articles in the backend, and filter them
    • A new search feature in the backend: search for a specific article content
    • Load a module by ID into your article
  • More flexibility for custom fields with two new options
    • A repeatable custom field is now available 
    • Create alternative layouts to fit your needs
  • Most recent frontend changes
    • Display the intro or full image in your newsflash module 
    • Show only the articles from a specific author in your latest articles module
  • New features for multilingual sites
    • A new toolbar button to edit associations 
    • Propagate existing associations 
    • Display your tags per language 
  • Use Google Invisible reCAPTCHA on your websites 
  • Argon2id Password is now supported